Styling “faux pas” making you look older

It is unfortunate that today,  fashion styling photographed on extremely young models with undeveloped bodies,  do not help portrait useful images to inspire the public at large.

When choosing to add the following to your wardrobe bear in mind that:

  • Fabrics – denim has an inherently youthful vibe but other beautiful fabrics like tweed need to be worked in an updated way, modern shape, and plain shade relying on the beauty of the fabric structure to create a vibrantly rich cloth. The old image of tweed associated with matronly suits and vintage British hunting garb must be dismissed.
  • Shape of jeans – leave the unflattering and outdated look from the 1980’s and 1990’s to those in their 20’s and below. Avoid extreme and find a shape to suit your body and are comfortable.
  • Colour – Do not wear shade which will drain you of colour – look for colour to brighten your skin.
  • Shoes – select modern updated styles which are comfortable without the clunky soles and features of so-called comfort sandals. Remember that stylish Converse style sneakers outside of the gym are acceptable to pair with jeans on the weekend but running shoes, trainers however are certain to date any one especially paired with outdated boot-cut jeans.
  • Jackets/cardigan – heavier and middle age spread to be taken into consideration before choosing the right shape and texture for these layering pieces. Ensure that shape is fluid, unstructured, non fitted – long length are slimming.
  • Handbag – ensure that it is updated and fun – handbags have been a driving force of fashion for the past decade.
  • Make up – too much or too little can be just as aging as no make up at all. Check with your local store the latest products and ask for a make over if at a total loss.
  • Grey hair – whilst the latest craze, before deciding please remember that grey hair does make you look older – so wonderful on a very young skin tone but not so suitable for a middle aged complexion – high and low lights might be an option using the latest shade available that are flattering to your skin tones – hair style should be updated, choosing from  a shorter hairstyle or a chic ponytail classic.
  • Reading glasses – as no one ever looked younger with little reading glasses perched on the end of her nose – shape of frame should look fresh and updated.
  • Ageless, classic, stylish look allow freedom to be unpredictable, adopting a natural look, choosing solid shades, enjoy snappy, bold, classic patterns in black and white such as stripes, argyles and hounds tooth checks – go for minimalist functional designs and details – think zips instead of gold buttons  – keep the skirt/dress length around the knee –
  • Avoid aging style such as fussy prints, styles and details such as gold button and trim, upper arm and neck area as more likely to show aging so dress accordingly –  stay away from fussy, frilly evening attire, select a tailored look instead – shawls or capes turn anyone into a granny immediately –
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